The UFO Phenomenon

Thousands, if not millions of individuals worldwide have and will continue to experience UFO encounters of varying kinds.  The UFO evidence presented in the following chapters clearly indicates that unusual aerial events defy logical explanation, are a source of considerable concern and controversy, and present potential aviation safety problems.  For these reasons, among others, the scientific and political communities worldwide should consider the phenomenon more seriously, and commit needed resources that can be best applied to better understand the force that governs and regulates its behavior.

Many people desire to know whether or not some unexplained UFOs are real physical craft under intelligent control from another solar system or space-time and, if so, its potential implications for science, society, and our understanding of the universe.  Unfortunately, impeding our progress to better understand the phenomenon is the absence of on-going, rigorous investigations by teams of scientists from several disciplines such as biology, psychology, sociology, physics, astronomy, and epidemiology, etc.  Compounding this problem is the difficulty trying to understand and explain, with sufficient confidence, the nature and origin of the phenomenon using evidence primarily anecdotal in nature.  The lack of tangible, objective evidence compromise the methodological considerations that are required as part of the scientific method to test several hypotheses to help determine if the UFO phenomenon is associated with: 1) NHI from another planet, space-time, etc, 2) psycho-cultural influences, and/or 3) atmospheric, geological, and/or meteorological phenomena, among other possibilities.

In light of the current state of affairs in ufology, there exists a need to dramatically alter the way in which to study the UFO phenomenon.  Greater attention towards the development and application of uniformly applied scientific based multidisciplinary models, that offer greater potential to better define this phenomenon, must be considered a major goal.  Unless a new research approach is initiated, under the leadership of an organized governance structure, little, if any, additional progress will be made to better understand an extraordinary phenomenon that remains as perplexing today as it did decades ago.  Until then, if ever, the many controversies and unresolved questions will remain as a source of debate and entertainment through various media forms.  And if you happen to be a steadfast UFO advocate or skeptic, consider a more neutral perspective of the phenomena until that so-called “smoking gun,” or at least some highly potent gun powder, reveal the true nature of one of the most significant issues of our time.

A major goal for UFO researchers should be to establish agreed upon principles and theories to be tested by recognized scholars among different scientific disciplines, and supported by independent studies to verify research outcomes.  This research mission, however, is impeded by the following: 1) intangible personal accounts serve as the primary source of UFO evidence for study.  There is a lack of tangible, objective UFO evidence available for study, 2) UFO investigations have been generally conducted by those with relatively little or no educational background or advanced degree in a scientific discipline, 3) comparatively few investigations involve the analysis of physical evidence such as alleged fragments and ground traces from UFO landings, UFO photos and videos, visual-radar confirmation, and physiological effects, among others, by appropriate scientists, 4) it lacks a widely approved theory of its phenomena, 5) research cannot be performed and replicated upon demand or be well-controlled in a laboratory setting, 6) according to the general scientific community, extraordinary claims made by many leading ufologists and UFO researchers have not been sufficiently supported by empirical evidence, 7) the U.S. government and NASA contend that UFOs are either aeronautical or weather events, and/or manmade structures, and 8) limited progress has been made to understand the nature and origin of the phenomenon despite many decades of UFO investigations.



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