Theories and Cases of High Strangeness


The more one gets involved in the UFO phenomenon, the more perplexing it becomes. Especially puzzling are the reported strange alleged UFO encounters of various kinds by people from diverse occupations and educational levels from all corners of the world, which appear to defy logical explanation.  Several UFO databases established by the NUFORC, CPTR, MUFON, and NICAP, and related literature, are filled with unusual alleged “close encounter” cases in which the UFO is reported to appear under intelligent control.   The phenomena consists of reports of strange flying physical craft that demonstrate an ability to suddenly appear and disappear, change shape, accelerate at a tremendous speed, and to merge and split apart.  Such reported incidents suggest that the UFO phenomenon’s maneuverability may defy laws of gravity and inertia, which seem illogical given our current understanding of scientific principles and physical laws. Additionally, among a group of people some may see a UFO while others don’t, some report gaining psychic ability after a UFO encounter, and some believe to have telepathic communications with the UFO occupants, among other incidents characterized as incidents of “high strangeness.” While bizarre UFO incidents may lend hints to their possible nature or origin, a number of UFO theories have been proposed which include the extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional, atmospheric phenomenon, paranormal manifestations, advanced secret technology, a manifestation of a psycho-cultural phenomenon, and time travel to explain the nature and origin of this perplexing phenomenon (See Chapter: UFO Theories).

It appears that the intelligence (if there is one) behind the phenomenon is hesitant to interact with humans on a personal level unless one accepts the alleged “alien abduction” phenomena as a form of such “interaction”.  Leading UFO researcher and author, Jacques F. Vallee, believes that people are experiencing “something that has physical and psychological components” which he termed as “high strangeness.” Accordingly, Vallee believes that the UFOs “absurd behavior” is one reason many scientists reject the UFO phenomenon.

The Extra-Dimensional Hypothesis 

Although the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) has remained the predominant explanation for UFOs by ufologists, some have abandoned it in favor of the EDH. The greater acceptance of the EDH increased with the publication of the book by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee which proposed the hypothesis in The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, and in Jacques Vallée’s book Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults. Strangely, the EDH states that the phenomenon represents visitations from other “realities” or “dimensions” that accompany our own.  This hypothesis, which evolved from the bizarre behavior of UFOs, is thought to have a paranormal and dimensional aspect to it that can’t be ignored.  Could one possible “strange” hypothesis include parallel universes, or other time-like dimensions beyond the space-time reality we ascribe too?  Or could the strangeness of their behavior be explained on the basis of differences between the time-space continuum of UFOs and us?

When I think of high strangeness associated with UFOs, I often recall an excerpt from J. Allen Hynek’s speech, What I Really Believe About UFO, presented at the 1977 International UFO Congress:

1) We must ask whether the diversity of observed UFOs…all spring from the same basic source, as do weather phenomenon, which all originate in the atmosphere, 2) We must not ask what hypothesis can explain the most facts, but we must ask, which hypothesis can explain the most puzzling facts, and 3) Do we have two aspects of one phenomenon or two different sets of phenomena?

I hold it entirely possible that a technology exists that encompasses both the physical and the psychic, the material and the mental.  There are stars that are millions of years older than the sun.  There may be a civilization that is a million of years more advanced than man’s.  I hypothesize an “M&M” technology encompassing the mental and material realms.  The psychic realms, so mysterious to us today may be an ordinary part of an advanced technology.


Individual accounts from highly credible individuals include reports of bizarre aerial maneuvers, close encounters, and telepathic alien communications, among other incidents characterized as “high strangeness.” Collectively, they represent poorly understood events inconsistent with known physical laws and psychological behavior.  If proven valid, do such incidents of “high strangeness” characterize a new area of science or are we simply dealing with creative hoaxes, a psycho-cultural phenomenon, confabulation, or delusionary behavior, or an unknown phenomenon?  Or is some form of NHI interacting with humans? Do such reported incidents provide any unique insight to support the extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional hypotheses?

A paradox exists when we evaluate the evidence of “high strangeness” which, if true, suggests UFOs are capable of mitigating gravity and inertia, and of modifying space-time.  An alternative explanation is that we may be dealing with an unknown phenomenon capable of producing these bizarre events in people’s minds, or both.  While it would be a giant leap to claim to know the nature of the phenomenon, as many ufologists contend they do, the answer will evolve from the work by researchers who study the source of reported cases of “high strangeness.” Until the nature and origin of the phenomenon is established (if ever), hypotheses will continue to be proposed to explain such reports, but will remain only as hypotheses associated with probabilities, until an organized UFO study is begun to more seriously investigate the phenomenon using several multidisciplinary based research approaches.

Maybe Carl Sagan’s statement that “somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” will be realized through a better understanding of the “high strangeness” associated with the UFO phenomena?


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