Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Please feel free to download this flyer about Dr. Robert Davis

Dr. Robert Davis is an experienced public speaker who has lectured at national and international scientific  conferences and colleges.  Examples include:

Acoustical Society of America

American Auditory Society

American Speech, Language and Hearing Association

National Institute Occupational Safety and Health

State University of New York

Society for College and University Planning

Cambridge University, Cambridge, England

Peking University, Beijing, China

Harvard University

Dr. Davis can lecture on the following UFO Topics

The Critical Questions in Ufology

The UFO Phenomenon

Is There Compelling UFO Evidence?

The Ufology Debate

The Phenomenology of UFOs

Theories and Cases of High Strangeness

Government and Military Sponsored Investigations

UFO Theories

The Alien Abduction Phenomena

What Does it all Mean?

Future Directions

Dr Davis Also Lectures on the Following Topics: 

Near Death Experiences

The Afterlife: Scientific Evidence and Theories


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