Dr. Davis is an internationally recognized research scientist, author, film producer and speaker


Dr. Robert Davis’ books: Unseen Forces: Towards an Integration of Science, Reality, and You (Visionary Living, April, 2019), Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence (Schiffer Publishing, 2017), and The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe? (Schiffer Publishing, 2016).

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Davis has been interviewed by dozens of radio programs and podcasts worldwide. His 30+ national and international lectures have included presentations at Harvard, Cambridge University, and Beijing University. Dr. Davis’ research efforts, lectures, and interviews vary across many disciplines with a focus on consciousness, the brain, parapsychology, and unexplainable extraordinary experiences reported by millions worldwide. Given this foundation, a case is made for the subjective dimension of life, or consciousness, to be integrated as a co-partner with the physical universe, into an overarching science. This is critical since it represents a movement away from destructive personality characteristics and the attainment of values that promote individual and collective survival.


Dr Davis is currently in pre-production of a television docu-series in conjunction with Emmy-Award-winning television producer and cinematographer David C. Beaty of Dreamtime Entertainment, Inc.

Documentary: The Consciousness Connection

What is consciousness? No one knows for sure. It’s a mystery of modern science.  Yet, it’s one of the most profound questions confronting humanity.  The study of consciousness, from advanced academic research in biology, psychology, artificial intelligence, to quantum theory, and parapsychology gives us some insight. But the true nature of human consciousness remains elusive.  Join us as we explore this profound enigma and look to the world’s leading experts, scientists and experiencers, who are searching for this “missing link” in the new docu-film, The Consciousness Connection.

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