Consciousness, the Brain, and “YOU”

Introduction  The nature and function of consciousness must first be addressed before one accepts the existence of alternate realms, and the convincing reports by those who contend to have communicated with NHEs and the deceased. After all, if one is able to access other dimensions and/or interact with NHEs and the deceased, then it shouldContinue reading “Consciousness, the Brain, and “YOU””

The Science of Unseen Forces

Introduction  Throughout history people have reported psychic experiences (psi), and in more recent times, thousands of well-controlled scientific experiments have supported the validity of psi effects. Despite this documentation, however, the general scientific community rejects the notion of extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychokinesis (PK). Like the PE, psi is considered an “anomaly;” an unexplained deviationContinue reading “The Science of Unseen Forces”

Connecting the Dots: The New Paradigm Shift

Introduction Most scientists today consider the world a collection of subatomic particles governed by the nuclear, gravitational, and electromagnetic forces of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. But if that is all there is to physical reality, then no easy or rational way remains to explain the phenomenon of the PE, and the associated issue of howContinue reading “Connecting the Dots: The New Paradigm Shift”